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How to Hire an Attorney

Date Added: January 30, 2010 02:20:37 AM
Author: Administrator
Category: Accident

  1. Be sure the lawyer is competent to handle the specific situation. If the lawyer is needed to draw up a simple will, any lawyer has the skill to do that. If it is a criminal trial, an attorney will lots of trial experience will be what is needed. If the hired attorney lacks skills required for the case, allow them to work with someone who does have the skills or replace the attorney with a new one.
  2. Listen to the way the lawyer and staff speak to clients. Every person should be given respect and treated as an equal. He should explain his strategy in detail and in layman's terms. Calls should be returned in a timely manner and all questions should be answered.
  3. If the attorney fee is being billed and is not based on a win in the courtroom, ask for a detailed, itemized bill. Monthly a statement should be sent clearly showing what the lawyer did, when it was done and how much was charged.
  4. The lawyer should keep the client informed of all items involved in the case. If there are any settlement or plea offers, unexpected developments or documents filed, the attorney should report the information to the client in a timely manner.
  5. The attorney should always be truthful about the case. If it is a long shot, he should say so. If the case should be abandoned, that should be told also. If an attorney states these concerns, either shop around for a new attorney or take is advice and drop the case. 
  6. Tip - If at any time, the hired attorney is not representing the case well, he can be replaced.

Please call for all of your hiring attorney needs at 281-362-9855.
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